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The Freedom of Flight

Hang Bolt plus Lanyard - Inspection / Replacement

All Microlights of the following types where P & M Aviation Ltd are the Type Approval Holder:

  • BM44 Pegasus Quasar 2 TC
  • BM46 Pegasus Quantum 15
  • (Rotax 2-stroke engines)
  • BM50 Pegasus Quantum 15-912
  • BM56 Pegasus Quantum 15-HKS
  • BM66 Pegasus Quik
  • BM70 Quik GT450
  • BM77 QuikR
  • BM80 Quik GTR
  • BM81 PulsR

The lanyard on a hang bolt plus lanyard component was found to be under swaged which allowed it to detach at a low load. The lanyard is essential to stop the hang bolt pinch nut from slackening off. Should the pinch nut fall off there would not be anything to prevent the hang bolt from potentially migrating out of its housing and the wing would

then detach. This problem was identified as a manufacturing deficiency of part number YQB-31302 and affected three batches of the component: A9835, A9868 and A9880.


Latest News

Seaing-Country's exhibition at Front Beach, Back Beach.

Seaing-Country's exhibition at Front Beach, Back Beach.

Seaing-Country’s successful display to engage pilots and the community – paragliders put on a show over the skies of regional Victoria in November representing the sport to thousands of spectators at the Seaing-Country exhibition at Front Beach, Back Beach. (Photo and Video Credit: Front Beach Back Beach and the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.) Learn more
HG Comps seeks revival with competitions for all levels

HG Comps seeks revival with competitions for all levels

The sport of hang gliding took off in the 1970s when flying enthusiasts sought a different hobby to get them in the air. The HG Comps runs successful competitions / events and re-invests residual funds into promoting participation in the sport. This group helps to nurture the HG sport and its competitions, as well as engage new and existing pilots through fun, easy flying opportunities. Learn more
PWC Super Final, Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

PWC Super Final, Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

From 6 to 17 December 2022 some of the World’s best pilots took to the skies above Valle de Bravo, 150km west of Mexico City, for the last event in the PWC 30th anniversary year. El Penon, Temascaltepec is a well-known venue, having hosted two Super Finals (2011 and 2015) and a World Cup (2014). Famous for its consistent and reliable flying conditions from November to May, the XC season kicks off properly in December. Learn more

Our Craft



A Paraglider pilot sits in a harness below a fabric wing that holds its shape through suspension lines and air pressure.
Hang Gliding 

Hang Gliding

A Hang Glider pilot is suspended in a harness below a rigid wing which is usually an aluminium frame covered in a synthetic sail cloth.
Powered Paragliding 

Powered Paragliding

Powered Paraglider or Paramotor pilots wear a motor on their back which provides enough thrust to take off with a Paragliding wing, specifically designed for motored operations.
Microlight & PoweredHang Gliding

Microlight & Powered
Hang Gliding

Microlight trike pilots sit in a propeller-driven trike, suspended below a wing similar to a Hang Glider.
Powered Hang Gliders have a small engine contained within the harness allowing launch from flat ground.