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    “Adrenaline courses through my veins as I turn to face the cliff
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    I feel the rising lines push on my shoulders, a guarantee of lift.”

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    Which Flight Path for me?

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    Ben’s First Solo Paraglide

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    Four Steps to Pure Flight

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    Stay Safe, Get Certified

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The Freedom of Flight

Learning to fly through a registered SAFA flight training school is the safest way to learn to fly, and in Australia is the only legal way to undertake flight training. Our schools are required to conform to the SAFA (and CASA) standards for equipment, operational systems, certification and ongoing support.

SAFA flight training schools will train and qualify Supervised Pilots or Pilot Certificate holders to fly capably on their own (within the limits of their skill and experience), and to be able to extend their flight skills and experience in a progressive manner.

Newly certified pilots are then encouraged by SAFA flight training schools to join a local SAFA affiliated Club. SAFA Clubs will provide support and guidance to new pilots to help them improve their skills and gain more experience so they can get more of out of their sport, safely.

Most flight training schools will run sessions to help you to take your skills to the next level of proficiency. The schools will organise tours and specialist clinics, providing endorsement training such as VHF Radio Operator, Towing, Motored Flight, Cross-Country Flying and SIV Manoeuvres.

The Flight Training Facilities listed below are the registered and approved SAFA flight training schools. Undertaking flight training outside of the SAFA framework is not compliant with Australian law and will not lead to a Pilot Certificate.

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Our Craft



A Paraglider pilot sits in a harness below a fabric wing that holds its shape through suspension lines and air pressure.
Hang Gliding 

Hang Gliding

A Hang Glider pilot is suspended in a harness below a rigid wing which is usually an aluminium frame covered in a synthetic sail cloth.
Powered Paragliding 

Powered Paragliding

Powered Paraglider or Paramotor pilots wear a motor on their back which provides enough thrust to take off with a Paragliding wing, specifically designed for motored operations.
Microlight & PoweredHang Gliding

Microlight & Powered
Hang Gliding

Microlight trike pilots sit in a propeller-driven trike, suspended below a wing similar to a Hang Glider.
Powered Hang Gliders have a small engine contained within the harness allowing launch from flat ground.