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Note: "*30km, 5km, 90min, 20%" Denotes GAP parameters in the order of, Min Task Distance, Bombout Distance, Min Winners Time, Preferred Percentage in Goal. Fixed Total Validity (FTV) is to be used for all HG competitions and will also be used in the PG National Ladder calculations

PG competition registration page
Competition organisers might like to make use of this competition registration service, kindly provided by Brett Hardin.

Competition organisers need to be aware that for your competition to appear in the printed version of Soaring Australia, please email details directly to the sub- editor, Suzie Gneist


All pilots competing in these events must be current members of the HGFA and be registered on the the FAI Sporting Licence database. Please contact the HGFA Office for membership and FAI registration prior to the event.

All AAA and AA competitions form a round of the Australian National selection and therefore may market their competition as a "Nationals series event".

Competitions that are not run to the Australian rules will lose their sanction and points earned during the comp will not be added to the Australian ladder.

Organisers of AAA events must make all IGC tracklogs available for public viewing immediately after the event.


Event and Sanction value



Contact      *note below

Canungra Classic

2013 Sep 28th - Oct 5th Mt Tamborine and Beechmont Launches, Canungra, QLD

Gabor Sipos 0402 826 969

Canungra Hang Gliding Club

Canungra Paragliding Cup 2013

2013 Oct 26th - Nov 2nd Mt Tamborine and Beechmont Launches, Canungra, QLD

Dave Gibbs 0429775554

Canungra Cup

Airborne Gulgong Classic

2013 Nov 24th to Nov 30th Gulgong Gliding Strip, NSW Bill Olive 412 423 133

Forbes Flatlands Hang gliding Competition

2013 Dec 28th - Jan 4th Forbes, NSW

Vicki Cain 0410 331 883

Corryong Cup 2014

2014 Jan 5th - 11th Mt Elliot

Dustan Hansen 0402 791 231

Bright Open 2013

2014 Jan 11th - 18th Bright, Vic Brian Webb 417 530 972

Ozone Corryong Open 2014

2014 Jan 15th - 22nd Corryong, Vic Dave Gibbs 0429775554

Manilla NSW Hang Gliding State Titles

2014 Feb 16th - 22rd Manilla, NSW Allan McMillan 0400 637 070

WA State Championship

2014 Feb 23rd - Mar 1st Meridin, WA

Richard Breyley 0417 986 896

Dalby Big Air

2014 Apr 6th - 12th Dalby Airport, Dalby, QLD

Bruce & Annie Crerar 0418 711 821

* GAP Parameters: The parameters are listed as Nominal Distance (minimum Task Length), Bomb-out distance (minimum Scoring Distance), Nominal Time (minimum expected winners time), and Goal Percentage (nominal percentage in goal). For further explanation of these terms, see the GAP explanation document.

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