Changes in Aerology at Mystic, Vic.


Recently, plantation harvesting operations have been conducted at Mystic in NE Victoria. Specifically, the back of Emily Spur has been logged. This has resulted in a lot of bare ground being exposed. As a consequence, the aerology over Mystic has been altered in quite a significant manner.

We have had reports of significant turbulence now being present over the back of Emily, especially if you are down low, that has not been encountered previously. There are also effects in the larger area though, not just over Emily. Karl Texler, NEVHGC PG SSO and AIRS Manager reports that lift over Marcus is getting suppressed and that the air on the approaches to both landing paddocks has changed.

There have already been incidents where pilots have experienced turbulence and suffered significant collapses. Please think carefully about flying Mystic in the middle of the day, and whether the conditions are appropriate to your level of experience.

Pilots that have flown Mystic previously and are infrequent visitors need to be aware of these changes and not expect what was considered reliable behaviour of the house thermals. Fly the day and conditions as you find them, not based on what you have experienced previously.

Fly safe.

SAFA Operations Team.