When Two Become One

Building a strong foundation for the future of sports aviation, a Toowoomba Club, Wicked Wings, joined forces with a neighbouring club, Fly Killarney in 2009 to create one of the most scenic and expansive flying locations in South East Queensland.

Pilots soar from all over the state to experience this picturesque part of Queensland with the clubs flying sites spanning from east of the Toowoomba range to west side of the range all the way down to Killarney.

Before taking over management of Fly Killarney, Wicked Wings was first established in 2005 by Matt Fox, a local Toowoomba pilot who wanted to create a fun and safe club for all pilots to enjoy.

Club Secretary Sonya Fardell said despite the club only having 23 members, they had a large number of flying sites, spread over a distance of 75km.

“We are a very relaxed and welcoming club and have pilots come from neighbouring clubs to fly at our flying sites,” she said.

“This area is so renowned for flying. The Killarney sites offer not only spectacular scenery but also a very friendly and supportive local community.

“We may be a small club, but we have a large number of flying sites and launches that will take any wind direction. A big thank you goes to the members for maintaining these launches.

“The continuation of this sport in Australia is dependent on the generosity of the landowners so we are very lucky that we have made and maintained a good relationship with the landowners over the years. Their support is greatly appreciated.”

Sonya said their club is also welcoming to up and coming pilots but encourage them to visit their club first.

“We always want to grow our membership and grow our sport. It’s great to be able to share our knowledge and skills with other pilots and we encourage anyone to come visit our club and meet with us,” she said.

“We are both paragliding and hang gliding friendly and on occasion collaborate with neigbouring clubs with weekend competitions.

Sonya said Wicked Wings is proud of their little slice of paradise with a goal to continue to grow their membership in the coming years.

For more information on the club visit: wickedwings.com.au.

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