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Your response is needed to CASA's Proposal for Multicom Frequency usage below 5000ft and Expanded CTAFs

HGFA response - CASA Proposal - Frequency use at low level in Class G airspaceThe first element of the CASA proposal will have little effect on our operations.  However, the second element to increase the size of CTAFs to double their current size, is completely untenable and will severely affect and limit our operations throughout Australia.


We have drafted a formal response to this proposal, which has been submitted to CASA and can be downloaded here.

We ask that you take the opportunity to provide your feedback, via the CASA survey form or email, supporting our efforts to maintain your current flight privileges.


Please go to the bottom of the CASA proposal and click on the "Online Survey" link, then follow the directions.

Alternatively, you can draft your own email and send it to;
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

Please make sure that your subject line is:
"Proposal - Frequency use at low level in Class G airspace"

You will also need to provide your name and HGFA number for it to be accepted.

Please feel free to utilise all, or sections of the official HGFA response to create your own.
Thank you.

(Link to CASA proposal)