Dalby Big Air Hang Gliding Competition

Taking place between 8th -14th April, 67 pilots competed at Dalby Big Air, which is recognised as the last cross-country competition of the season.

Retired cross country hang glider pilot and comp organiser Bruce Crerar, has been running the event at Darling Downs with his wife Annie Crerar, (who's the Comp director) for the past decade. He says the hang gliding comp is all about offering a superb location, along with some positive vibes that come from being a AA comp (as appose to a AAA), along with great camaraderie amongst sports class pilots.

“It’s an ideal location with a lot of farming land and plenty of opportunities for good landings," says Bruce, who is also the aerotow tug master, with over 4,000 tows to his credit, including 11 Nationals, a Worlds, a Pre-Worlds and 10 Dalby Big Air’s.

"I think overall Dalby's atmosphere is always more relaxed and we concentrate on leading the event like that because we get a good number of sports class pilots and a lot of free flyers, which is great for promoting the sport.”

Bruce acknowledges that Dalby works in tandem with December-January’s Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championships. 

"We’re recognised as the last cross-country comp of the season before winter. Why does Dalby work? Well, I believe it's down to the people in the country, the landing options that are available and it’s the unique overall everyday vibe.” 

For more information about Dalby Big Air HG head to their website: www.dalbybigair.com