Interview with Wally Arcidiacono

We talk to passionate paragliding pilot and instructor Wally Arcidiacono about his life-long enthusiasm for the sport and his efforts to open a new flight school in Bright, Victoria amongst other things. 

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3 Questions with: Pilots Sonya Fardell & Jonny Durand Jnr.

290817 Provided by Jonny Jonny Durand in flight modeWe asked two of our skilled pilots, including world record setting hang gliding champion Jonny Durand Jnr. and enthusiastic and experienced paraglider Sonya Fardell, about their preferred gliders, their proudest competition achievements and what they believe it takes to become an effective gliding instructor. 

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The thrill of flying is about more than just being airborne

When Andrew Menzies awoke in a dark painful place back in 2009 he had no idea what was happening; someone told him he’d been in a car crash … then he passed out. When he woke again, it was the start of a long journey to recovery and the discovery of a passion for free flying that today is as much about being part of the tribe as the thrill of flying solo in the clouds.

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