Competition Committee

The Competitions Committee (CC) has been formed to co-ordinate and promote the competitive aspects of the sport at all levels. The Competitions Committee is responsible to the SAFA Board of Management and presents a report of their activities to the annual general meeting of the Board.

Current Committee Members

The CC members are elected in alternating years for a 2 year term.
Season start in even years (e.g. 16/17): HG members re-election.
Season start in odd years (e.g. 17/18):   PG members re-election.

The current members are as follows in alphabetical order:

  • Jan Bennewitz PG)

  • James Brewer (PG)

  • Trent Brown (HG)

  • Steve Docherty (HG)

  • Matts Eliasson (PG)

Competition Committee Minutes

 Minutes are available here.

Competition Sanction Online Form

If you are a competition organiser and wish to apply for SAFA and/or FAI Competition Sanction, you can apply here.