Competition Ladder

The national ladder is determined based on domestic and international competition results as described within the current Competition Manual. Multiple 'national ladders' are available across the different sport disciplines and for different purposes. Within Hanggliding and Paragliding two different ladders are to be considered for each discipline:

  1. The national ladder calculated annually at the conclusion of the last AAA competition of the season (usually around Feb) to determine the National Champion for the flying season just passed (1st July - 30 Jun).

  2. The team selection ladder calculated based on a rolling 2-year period based on the best tasks a pilot was able to achieve over this period. The TSL is calculated to determine the Australian National Team which receives the priviledge to respresent Australia at the FAI Word Championship ('Worlds') 

All national ladders for Paragliding are calculated via AirScore an Open Source online scoring solution written by Geoff Wong. The national ladders for Paragliding are continuously accessible from here: