Competition Rules & Regs

Hanggliding and Paragliding competitions are generally subject to a wide range of rules and regulations. The key bodies providing the regulatory framework applicable to the Australian Competition scene are as follows:

The competition rules work in a hierarchical fashion where a broader set of rules (e.g. global FAI Sporting Code) generally applies unless it is overridden by a more specific interpretation relevant to the country (e.g. SAFA Competition Manual) or local rules. Below are a brief description and the links to the key documents outlining our rules framework.

    • FAI Sporting Code Section 7A - Edition [current year] 
      Provides the overarching context for our PG XC competitions
      Available here under Sporting Code:

    • FAI Sporting Code Section 7A - Annex GAP [current year]
      Provides the broader scoring framework we fly under for XC comps
      Available here under Sporting Code:

    • SAFA Competition Manual
      Provides the detailed competition rules for Australia
      Available under Pilot Tools

    • SAFA Competition Scoring - AU_GAP
      Provides the adjusted scoring for Australian competitions
      Available under Pilot Tools

  • Local rules
    Competition specific - these cater for local competition requirements and are approved by the Competition Committee as part of the sanctioning process.
    Available from the competition websites / Airtribune compeition pages.