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Document Name Format Description Download
SAFA Certificate of Registration 2019 PDF SAFA Certificate of Registration 2019 View here
SAFA Constitution (2019) PDF The current SAFA Constitution. View here


Document Name Format Description
Club Affiliation Renewal/Application PDF Club Affiliation Renewal/Application View here

Aircraft Registration

Document Name Format Description
Aircraft Change of Registration or Details PDF To be completed when selling a registered aircraft or for any change of detail e.g. new wing, aditional wing, etc. View here
CAO 95.32 - Non-LSA Registration Application PDF Non-LSA Aircraft Registration Application View here
CAO 95.32 - LSA & LSAE Registration Application PDF LSA & ELSA Aircraft Registration Application View here
Interim Registration Number Application PDF Application for an interim registration number allocation. View here
PPG/PPC Aircraft Inspection Guidelines PDF View here
PPG/PPC Aircraft Inspection Report (BAI) PDF View here
WM Renewal & Biennial Aircraft Review (BAR) PDF View here


Document Name Format Description
HG & PG Proficiency Badge Application PDF View here
Microlight & PPG Colibri Proficiency Badge Application PDF View here


Document Name Format Description
CAO 95.10 PDF View here
CAO 95.32 PDF View here
CAO 95.8 PDF View here
HGFA & RAA WM MoU Aug 2017 PDF HGFA & RAA MoU View here

Competitions & Events

Document Name Format Description
Competition Scoring - AU_GAP 2017 PDF Competition Scoring - AU_GAP 2017 View here
SAFA Competitions Manual V19.0 PDF SAFA Competitions Manual   The Sports Aviation Federation of Australia produces this competition manual as a guide for competition pilots and for the conduct of Hang gliding and Paragliding competitions within Australia. This manual is updated and reprinted by the Competitions Committee (CC) of the SAFA in the interests of fostering development of the competitive aspects of the sport and to provide information for practising and intending competition pilots. View here

Defect Reports

Document Name Format Description
ATSB report on Supair Strike harness PDF The report from the ATSB on their examination of the Supair Strike harness involved in AIRS #1241. View here
Safety Notice: Gingo Airlite 4/Verso 3 hyperlink Gin Gliders have issued a Safety Notice relating to their Gingo Airlite 4 and Verso 3 harnesses. View here
Woody Valley XR7 Defect Report hyperlink Woody Valley have issued a Safety Notice relating to their XR7 paragliding harness. View here


Document Name Format Description
1 Aviation Policy - S. of C. PDF Aviation Policy - Schedule Of Cover 2019 - 2020 View here
2 Aviation Certificate.of Currency 20/21. PDF Aviation Policy - Certificate of Currency 2020 - 2021 View here
4 Non-Aviation Certificate of Currency. PDF Non-Aviation (Public/Products) Policy - Certificate of Currency 2020 - 2021 View here
5 Non-Aviation Policy - S. of C. PDF Non-Aviation (Public/Products) Policy - Schedule Of Cover 2019 - 2020 View here
Coverage information for Personal Accident & 3rd Party Insurance whilst overseas. PDF Coverage information for Personal Accident & 3rd Party Insurance whilst overseas. View here
Personal Accident & 3rd Party Insurance whilst overseas - Application (Fillable) PDF Application for Personal Accident & 3rd Party insurance coverage, whilst travelling and flying overseas. View here
Personal Accident Schedule of Cover PDF Personal Accident Policy and schedule View here

Maintenance Resources

Document Name Format Description
AC43.13.2B Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices – Aircraft Alterations hyperlink AC43-13-2B Acceptable methods and procedures. This advisory circular (AC) contains methods, techniques, and practices acceptable for the inspection of civil aircraft. This AC is for use by mechanics, repair stations, and other certificated entities. This data generally pertains to minor alterations View here
Airborne Microlight manuals hyperlink Listing of all Maintenance manuals pertaining to the Airborne range of Microlights. View here
Rotax 912 Line Maintenance Manual v20200101 PDF this manual allows independent ROTAX® Maintenance Technicians (iRMT) to main-tain this engine in compliance with the relevant maintenance and safety instructions provided by the engine manufacturer. For detailed information related to aircraft and aircraft/engine installation, maintenance, safety or flight operation, consult the documentation provided by the aircraft manufacturer and/or its dealer. View here


Document Name Format Description
Ground Handling at Aerodromes PDF Manual of procedures for carrying out ground handling operations at an aerodrome. View here
Towing Procedures Manual PDF Towing Procedures Manual View here

Membership Documents

Document Name Format Description
Associate Membership Application PDF Associate Membership Application View here
Full Membership Application PDF This application is for use by someone who wishes to join the SAFA and does not need to go through training. For example; an international pilot or pilot migrating from another Australian aviation organisation. View here
Member Code Of Conduct PDF SAFA Member Code of Conduct and Ethics. View here
Membership Fees & Other Costs PDF Membership Fees & Other Costs View here
Membership Waiver PDF Membership Waiver. Also utilised for TIF (eTIF) operations. View here
Student Pilot - Fitness Declaration & Waiver PDF Student Pilot - Fitness Declaration & SAFA Waiver View here
Student Sign-up Guide PDF Student Sign-up Guide View here

Operational Information

Document Name Format Description
Flight in National Parks PDF Information regarding flight operation requirements within parks throughout Australia. View here
Flight Plan PDF Flight Plan View here
Hang Gliding Attitude PDF Getting your mind right before flight... View here
Paragliding Attitude PDF Getting your mind right before flight... View here
UHF & VHF Radio Frequencies PDF SAFA UHF & VHF Radio Frequencies View here

Pilot Resources

Document Name Format Description
AMSA Flight note PDF a form for pilots to use when leaving details of proposed flight with responsible person View here
Basic Navigation for Sport Aviation PDF This Manual has been written to provide a basic knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of aviation navigation. View here
Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Safe - Radio procedures in non-controlled airspace PDF This handy booklet provides information on radio usage in non-controlled (or ‘Class G’) airspace. Topics covered include radio frequencies, phraseology and when to broadcast. View here
CAAP 166-01 v4.2 - operations in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes PDF The purpose of this CAAP is to support Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) procedures. It provides guidance on good airmanship when flying at, or in the vicinity of, non-controlled aerodromes. View here
CASA Visual Flight Rules Guide hyperlink This Visual flight rules guide (VFRG) has been designed primarily for VFR pilots engaged in domestic operations. Material relating to IFR; commercial or military operations has therefore been omitted unless it contributes to the understanding of a particular topic. View here
FAI Records hyperlink How to set a Record The following information is valid for World and Continental Records of all sports and disciplines. Check on the FAI record pages what the best previous performance is, if any, for the record you would like to set. Do not forget to check the record claims pending homologation. Review the FAI Sporting Code, General Section and relevant Specialised Section, to get an understanding of the rules and documentation requirements. For the definition of the course used for your record attempt, you will need the exact distance given by the World Distance Calculator. View here
Recreational Tandem - Waiver PDF Warning, Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk form for those participating in a recreational tandem flight. View here
SAFA WWW Site hyperlink The primary public SAFA Website View here
Trauma Counselling Service PDF Counselling services and assistance provided by the SAFA. View here

Policies & Safety Management

Document Name Format Description
SAFA - Affiliated Entities Policy PDF SAFA Policy on Affiliated Entities. View here
SAFA - Anti Doping Policy PDF Anti Doping Policy View here
SAFA - Conflict of Interest Policy PDF Conflict of Interest Policy 2014 (updated with new logo 2019) View here
SAFA - Member Protection Policy PDF Member Protection Policy View here
SAFA - Policy on Policies PDF SAFA - Policy on Policies View here
SAFA - Policy on Region Boundaries PDF State & Regional Association boundaries. View here
SAFA Policy on Membership Types PDF Accepted SAFA Membership Types View here
SAFA Policy on Safety Management PDF Safety Management Policy View here
SAFA Sun-Smart Policy PDF Protection from UV radiation View here

Strategic Plan

Document Name Format Description
Strategic Plan - 2018 PDF Strategic Plan - 2018 ( SAFA logo added ) View here

Training Syllabi

Document Name Format Description
PPG Wheelbase Pilot Training Syllabus PDF Straight Through Wheelbase PPG Training Syllabus View here