Planning to Fly Overseas?

If a holder of an australian authorisation (pilot certificate) issued by SAFA, is planning to travel on an overseas flying holiday, there are a few administrative things to consider prior to travelling.

1. You should ensure your membership and qualifications remain valid for the full period of your travel
2. Print a copy of your member profile
3. Pack your SAFA membership card (known in other countries by various titles, often 'national rating card')
4. Obtain an FAI IPPI card (Federation Aeronautique Internationale, International Pilot Proficiency Identification) from SAFA office if a physical card is preferred (your printed membership profile includes an IPPI rating).
5. Obtain a confirmation letter of 3rd party insurance held by SAFA (download from website)
6. Obtain your own travel and personal accident insurance
7. Check the website of the national association of the countries to be visited for other laws or requirements. Sovereign territory laws differ from Australia.

Note 1: An FAI sporting licence, available via SAFA, is NOT an authorisation to operate an aircraft. It is a 'competition pilot registration' to obtain ladder points nationally and internationally whilst competing in FAI sanctioned events or validating world record attempts.

Note 2: SAFA held 3rd party insurance, your travel or personal accident insurances, may not be valid whilst participating in international competition. You should familiarise yourself with all insurance policy details and Certificates of Currencies.

Note 3: Insurances may not be valid in certain countries or territories.