The Importance Of Membership!

The importance of Membership

SAFA is an organisation formed and managed by its members. It provides the framework that lets us fly in accordance with national laws and regulations, and it satisfies our obligations to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

SAFA provides a range of services whether we are flying a lot, or a little. Without member subscriptions we couldn’t continue to provide the framework and services to our members.

Services include;

  • Pilot Certifications
  • Pilot Endorsements
  • Safety Management
  • Accident/Incident Investigation Reporting
  • Operational Administration
  • Operations oversight
  • Certified training syllabi
  • Resolving operational infringements
  • Airspace access coordination
  • Airworthiness standards
  • Membership administration
  • Member communication
  • Support to RA’s and Clubs in the management of flying sites
  • Land owner indemnity
  • Liability Insurances 
  • Aviation Delegations
  • CASA and Air-Services Liaison
  • ATSB Accident Support
  • Sports marketing
  • ASAC and FAI participation
  • ASC Liaison
  • Airsport advocacy

Our sports need all of us to maintain membership to ensure our future.

We thank those that donate their time and effort to the success of our sports; - the Club and Regional committee members, those that organise many events around the nation, those supporting our safety system, and also the many unsung volunteers that contribute to our sports in myriads of ways, either on the hill, at the field, or at home.

Membership Fees

Annual SAFA membership fees are set by the board. Absent board direction, fees are adjusted in accordance with the trailing CPI at 1st September each year. Renew your membership prior to this date to benefit from the previous membership year level.

Your fees also contain a Regional Development Levy, nominated by the committee of the region of your residence.

Renewal Protects Our Future

You can renew your membership by going to and logging into your account with your email address and password.

If you have forgotten your password, just follow the recovery procedure on the log in page.