Initial reports are listed below.
Upon finalisation of an investigation, findings and recommendations will be published here and in the SAFA Sky Sailor magazine.
Please note: In the event of a fatality, SAFA findings will not be released until the Coroner has completed investigations and release their findings.

Date No. / Discipline State Description Recomendation
29-01-2021 01:30 PM 1437 / PG Southeast Qld Incident SUNRISE BEACH Ozone Rapi-dos
The PIC is paragliding with a mini-wing at Sunrise Beach/Tingira Crescent (Qld/S), in approximately 18knots ESE winds. Whilst searching for ridge lift the pilot has not been able to maintain height, so has glided out away from the ridge to land on the beach in a clearing. The pilot has not allowed sufficient height to glide out over the trees to land on the beach, and has caught his wing-tip on a tree. This has spun the pilot 180 degrees, and they have landed on their feet. The PIC has communicated to the hang glider flying they are ok, and has collected their equipment and returned to launch. No damage to the pilot or equipment.
The Pilot is flying a mini wing without a mini wing endorsement. All pilots are reminded that they need to hold this endorsement to fly a mini-wing. This particular site is very sensitive with residents complaining if gliders are too close to houses - 25 m is the permitted minimum distance from houses. With mini wings it is very difficult to obtain much height on such a small ridge. Although not a rule it is recommended not to fly mini wings at this site. Always allow a safe height to glide to a Safe Landing. If you are not going to clear the trees to safely land at the LZ, aim for the biggest part of the tree and flare just before impact, then grab the largest part of the tree. If a tree snags the tip of the glider it will spin you and the glider, and the energy created from the spin, will cause you to hit the ground with with great force and can result in an injury.
23-01-2021 04:00 PM 1435 / PG Southeast Qld Incident Tingira Cr, Sunshine Beach Niviuk HOOK4
The PIC is paragliding Sunrise Beach/Tingira Crescent (Qld/S). The conditions are light Easterly 10 knots. Generally this site requires more wind strength to create ridge lift due to the low ridge height. The PIC has tried to maintain height by flying close to the ridge, but there was not enough wind to maintain height and the PIC has not left enough height to glide to the beach. This has caused the pilot to sink and land in the scrubby trees. There was no damage to the pilot or the equipment.
Whenever flying always have an exit strategy - do not assume there will be ridge lift. If losing height head out to land with a safe height and only come closer to the ridge if you have a safe glide to the LZ.
23-01-2021 05:00 PM 1426 / PG Southeast Qld Incident TEEWAH Little Cloud Spiruline GT2.2
The paraglider pilot was practicing top-landings at Teewah Beach launch (Qld/S). They have performed numerous approaches, but have overshot the landing area each time, due to being too high. They have approached from SW with the intention of carrying out a 180 degree turn to set up and land. In doing this the pilot has lost too much height in the turn and has not enough height to make the top-landing. The pilot has landed in the trees, no injuries to pilot.
When practicing top-landings at Teewah, lose height to south of launch, then crab in to top-land. If too high, turn west behind launch to lose more height; this always gives you an option of landing at the back of launch, or exiting back onto ridge. Always have an exit strategy.
24-01-2021 14:24 1425 / PG TAS Incident Roche's Beach Air Design Vivo
PIC was flying their paraglider in company from Single Hill (Tas). After flying for 2.5 hours wind was increasing and all pilots flying went to land. PIC went to land on the beach as an experienced pilot had said that the primary landing area was quite rotary and turbulent over the radio. On landing PIC lost footing in the sand and fell to the right hand side, disrupting the plan to collapse wing with C risers on touch down. PIC was dragged 2 meters in the sand and wing ended up coming down on the other side of some bushes with lines over the bush. No injury or damage occurred.
No recommendations.
19-12-2020 1414 / PG TAS Incident Little Green Nikiuk Link2
PIC was free-flying a borrowed PPG wing from Little Green Hill near Bothwell (Tas). After a short, scratchy flight and not gaining altitude PIC decided to slope land. On landing approach at approximately 1m off the ground, PIC span the glider and tumbled to the ground. No injury or damage was sustained.
Pilots flying wings (or other gear) they aren't familiar with should give themselves bigger safety margins within all aspects of flight, including take off and landing. Ground handling a wing you aren't familiar with will tell you a lot about how the glider responds and behaves with different inputs all with you feet on the ground. Pilots should avoid flying wings outside of their designed use.