March 2016

Glass Fuel Filter Failure

Airborne XT-912 (2005) TSN 680hrs.

Original Fuel Filter: Filter failure was found during an annual service, approx. 13 days after aircraft was last flown.

There appears to be fatigue of the alloy die cast core. Alloy break showed many air bubbles in the casting.

Airborne have been informed and we are awaiting feedback regarding their findings.

broken fitting


Broken Wheel Spat Bracket

1). Airborne XT-912 (2005) TSN 680hrs.

2). Airborne XT-912 (2005) TSN 405.16hrs:

Pre-Flight Inspection: Give the wheel spats a gentle shake from side to side to check for any movement. If any movement is noticed, check this bracket for signs of cracking. File a defect report via the SAFA website or contact the SAFA WM Technical Manager or SAFA Operations Manager with details.

broken fitting


Cracked RH Wing Adjuster Webbing Cap

Airborne XT-912 Tourer (2005) TSN 376hrs.: Stress crack radiating from the securing screw (IPC Item 10, part # 105140) found during post flight inspection. Both LH and RH leading edge tensioner assemblies (part #s 104669 and 104740) were replaced with new style parts purchased and supplied by Airborne. 2 x test flights subsequently conducted to confirm wing tuning settings.