A strong commitment to safety

Like all adventure sports, safety is crucial. The SAFA is committed to ensuring our sport is safe so members can enjoy the adrenalin rush they love while flying free in a fun way. Safety comes first for our members and the public.

Enjoy the camaraderie of the SAFA community and feel confident you are supported by the foremost authority on safe, fun pure flight in Australia. We foster a culture of safety among our members who are well-trained, follow due diligence and ensure their equipment is regularly maintained to keep safe as they launch into the majestic world of flight.

We keep safety top of mind, by continuously improving our processes and protocols.

We operate a “just culture” when investigating accidents, so our members can be honest without fear of retribution. A preventative approach to safety allows us to share learnings within our community so all members benefit and enjoy a safe flight path.

How do we maintain a safe flying community?

Some of the ways we keep our members, the sport and public safe include:

  1. Maintaining an up-to-date operations manual and regularly communicate with members about safety matters.
  2. Ensuring pilots are trained by qualified, skilled and experienced instructors and are armed with a range of training resources.
  3. Requiring our Registered SAFA Flight Training Schools to conform to SAFA (and CASA) standards for equipment, operational systems, certifications and ongoing support.
  4. Making sure our Instructors undertake rigorous checking and testing on a regular basis.
  5. Managing member records of skills and qualifications.
  6. Maintaining certification of pilots and aircraft registration.
  7. Conducting accident investigation for CASA and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and report to members on accident learnings.
  8. Making a positive contribution to the aviation industry in relation to safety matters.
  9. Detecting and reporting equipment defects.