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Flying sites vary from being public to private, and often local knowledge is necessary to find them and to fly them safely. In some cases, there are particular local customs in e.g. shutting gates, notifying landowners when flying is occurring. This type of knowledge is typically held by local flying clubs and / or instructors - and these are the best contacts when trying to find out flying sites in a particular area.

Until now, site guides have been a local club / state interest, and these were published or publicized according to the interests of the individuals involved. However, the HGFA realises the importance of flying sites to pilots, and as a portion of membership fees go to site improvements, the HGFA wishes to make more available information on Australian flying sites.

A list of airstrips used by Weightshift Microlights forms part of the "Come And Get It Back" trophy

At this current time, only Victoria and Western Australia have a state site guide. Other ad hoc site guides exist for portions of states as created by clubs. Lobby your relevant State Association to help facilitate this information!

Western Australia

WA Site Guide




VHPA Victorian and Autralian site guide



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