4 Steps to Pure Flight

Just follow these four simple steps, and you’ll soon be enjoying the thrill of pure flying: 

  1. Call a local school and book in for an ‘Experience Flight’. This tandem Hang Glider, Paraglider or Microlight flight will last around 10 to 20 minutes and give you a taster of the pure flight thrill. 
  2. Once you're hooked, you can sign up for a course at a SAFA approved school. Those wishing to gain their license can do a full course, while others may just try a 2 day introductory course, which is often the first part of a full course. Courses start with learning about the equipment set up and ground handling. Then come initial flights which are close to the ground with an instructor by your side.
  3. On successful completion of a full course, you will become an SAFA licensed pilot (with restrictions).
  4. Join the SAFA as a full member and sign up to a local club to really experience the thrill of pure flight and the camaraderie of the sport. 

To find your nearest instructor click here for a list of SAFA approved schools.