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    Flying for Women

    Let us Get you Up in the Air.

Paragliding makes you feel like you can do anything.

When you find yourself up in the sky, every sense is just lighting up.  It’s the best feeling.  It makes you feel like you are so free.  You just feel like you can do anything.” 

Babushka Ferenczi

Award Winning “Let us Get You Up in the Air video”

We thank the Victorian Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association, SkyHigh Paragliding and the Victoria State Government for sponsoring this video. Watch the award winning film “Let us get You Up in the Air” here to hear other women talk about their experience with this inspiring sport.

There is no limit for women getting into the air.

There is no limit for women getting into the air.

When you look at this sport from a distance it looks impossible.  Then when you actually get into the sport you realise you can do this. 

Physically you don’t need any strength to do this sport.  The technical aspects are actually really simple. It’s all about dexterity and being gentle. 

Let us get you up in the air!

Let us get you up in the air!

Taking off is a real adrenaline rush and then you go on a beautiful peaceful glide with an amazing view.  Take a tandem flight or book a course with a school. 

The courses are easy and fun.  During a course you’ll learn the theory and how to handle your wing and the equipment you need.  Then you are good to go and fly solo!

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If you think one day you might like to try it, give it a go now, you will never be more ready than once you start! 
You’ll soon realise it’s a lot easier than you think.

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